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The Best Stocks to Invest In 2015

invest stocks

Before you invest in any stock market you should take time and learn about the Best stocks to invest in 2015. This is necessary for you to be able to invest in stocks which will bring returns. There is no need for you to rush into investing in a certain stock market which you have not studied its trend, it can end up making you lose your money. There are many sectors that venture into stock market; you need to study the sectors available carefully before you decide on one. Here are some of the best stocks to invest in 2015:

1. Abbott Laboratories

The stocks are in the health sector. In case you will like to invest in the health sector stocks this can be one of the companies where you can invest. The stocks are priced at a price target of 45, from the 2014 stock market the stocks where able to yield 2.1% dividends in return. Abbott laboratories forms one of the best and unique healthcare asset which has high exposure to consumer directed business and emerging markets.

  1. American Express

American express offers stocks in financial sector. From 2014 stock market it registered a return on dividends of 1.1%. It is expected that the US acceptance of Visa/Mastercard will grow from 70% to 90% in a period of 18 to 24 months. This will make more merchants to go for American express which will lead the company to registering great profits.

  1. Apple, Inc.

This is a company in the technology sector. In case you will like to invest in the sector, this can be the best company for you to buy shares from. Due to the introduction of larger screen iPhone, the company expects to experience great growth on its shares. In 2014 the company was able to register 1.9% profit on its dividends. It is also expected that iWatch and other new services will help in accelerating the growth of its shares.

  1. Canadian Pacific Railway

Canadian pacific railway is one of the best stocks to invest in 2015 in case you are interested in the transportation sector. In 2014 the company registered 0.7% increase on its dividends return. Due to high turnaround of the company it has been estimated that the company will be among the best investment opportunities which will register great growth in the coming years.

  1. Eaton Corp PLC

The company offers stocks in the industrial sector. In 2014 it registered an increase of up to 2.55 on its dividends. The company has great potentials of registering great growth in 2015 which make it one of the best companies to buy shares in 2015.

  1. Estee Lauder Companies

In 2014 financial year the company was able to register 1.0% growth. This makes the company one of the Best stocks to invest in 2015 in case you are interested in the consumer staples. Due to the growth of the company in offering beauty products, it is estimated that the company will register a 6% growth on its organic revenue.

7. Hess Corporation

For those interested with the energy sector this can be the best company to buy shares from. In 2014 it registered 1.0% return on its dividends. The company has high production growth potential which makes it one of the best companies to invest in.

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The different types of binary options – An overview

binary options types

A binary option refers to a kind of option where a trader takes yes or no position on the financial asset price. The resulting payment is either all or nothing. This characteristic makes binary options to be a lot easier to understand compared to traditional options.

Common types of binary options explained

Several different kinds of binary options are available for trading. If you are new to this kind of trade, you will find them a little confusing. Experienced traders will choose different methods based on the prevailing market conditions as well as how they anticipate the market to react to announcements, results, external influences, conditions or trends. Below are the main binary options.

High/Low and Put/Call

Under this option, a trader speculates on whether the asset in question will be higher or lower than the set rate at a given time in future. For instance, you may buy an option and make a profit from it if oil prices go over $100. In the same way, you may opt to dispose of an option and make profits in case oil prices remain under $100. It is a very easy trading option.
These options are known by different names to different brokers. Some will call them Put/Call or even High/Low as well as up and down.

60 Second Option

Basically, the method expires in one minute or 60 seconds. It has one big advantage in the sense that if the price of a given asset is moving in one direction, a trader can maximize their profit by performing many successive trades. This platform is perfect for traders who want quick rewards and who can respond fast to unexpected market movements.

Boundary Options

Under these options, an upper and a lower boundary are defined. Over a given period of time, the rate may lie outside or inside the boundary. As a trader, all you need to do is bet whether rates will remain between the two boundaries. You will be praying that that no volatility occurs and that there is just a sideward movement. Otherwise, if you anticipate no fluctuation in the boundary, it will be to your delight if price moves in any direction.

This binary option is most ideal in stable markets when you are trading inside the boundary. But when trading in volatile markets, it is best used trading outside boundaries.

One Touch

Unlike the high/low binary option, One Touch option does not require to speculate that a given rate will be higher or lower than a specific price. Instead, you need to speculate on whether the option will touch a given rate or not by the expiry date.
Where the rate exceeds the current rate, it is referred to as a Call Option but if it is lower than the current rate, it is called Put Option. In case you purchase a Call Option, you make money when that rate touches on a specified rate. But if you dispose of a Call Option, the only way to make a profit is when the rate is untouched. That is how it works.

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Why Buying Bonds In Emerging Markets Is A Good Idea

emerging market bonds

Developing countries which are also known as emerging markets to investors have been driving the growth in the global economy and financial sector over the past couple of years. Because of this reason bonds in emerging markets are not considered as a high yielding niche asset class but rather as a sector which is fully integrated in the economy and which gives high yields.

Buying bonds in emerging markets will provide fixed income investors with the chance to diversify their investments from the developed economies which are facing a lot of fiscal challenges.

What Are Emerging Markets?

These are countries whose economies are considered to be developing or are emerging from a period of underdevelopment. They include most of Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia excluding Japan.
Some of these countries are heavily dependent on their commodity exports while others have manufacturing and service sectors that are very extensive.
The Evolution Of Emerging Markets have a wide array of fixed income asset classes that you can choose from. The diverse asset classes that you can choose from are as a result of fundamental changes that have taken place in these emerging markets. Most of these countries now have disciplined fiscal and monetary policies. This is a change from the past where investors were concerned that poor policies would lead to currency devaluation, inflation or at times even bond defaults. This has gone a long way in increasing the credit worthiness of borrowers in emerging markets.

Another important structural change that has taken place is the shift in policies which now allow the value of the local currency to shift relative to that of the dollar. Initially the value of the local currency was fixed to the dollar but now countries allow the rate to float with little or no management. This helps the emerging markets to cope with periods of volatility in the global financial system.

Why You Should Be Buying Bonds In Emerging Markets

Attractive Yields Even when the yields in developing markets are adjusted for risk they still give better yields compared to those bonds in developing markets. If you are looking for good yields then emerging markets are a much better option than developed economies.

Increase In Prices

As the credit quality of the emerging markets and the number of new investors increases it will raise the prices of the bonds in the long term. This is great since it can lead to massive capital gains.


When you invest in emerging markets you are able to diversify by region and this helps you manage volatility because different markets in the world do not all move in the same direction. It will also help you identify the best performing regions of the world in terms of bond yields.

Low Portfolio Volatility

The returns of many emerging markets have shown a high correlation with most traditional asset classes and therefore have the potential for low portfolio volatility.

Currency Appreciation

When you invest in emerging markets there is the potential for currency appreciation especially when the economies of these countries mature.

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Best Commodities to Invest In 2015


Not all commodities that you can invest in will offer you great returns in 2015. This is why it is very necessary for you to carry out your own research in the market of commodities for you to be able to decide on the best commodities to invest in 2015. After you identify the best commodities which will likely offer you great return, you will be assured of great profits after you invest in them. From the market trends of the commodities you will easily know the best commodity for you to use your money in investing in. Here is a list of the best commodities to invest in 2015:

1. Gold

From various studies that have been carried out, gold is among the best precious metals that you can ever invest in. Gold has achieved great demand in recent years and it is believed that in 2015 it will still be in demand. This shows that after you invest in gold you will be assured of great returns. You can access the gold in companies that sale gold or banks for you to invest in it.

  1. Silver

Factors such as physical market and risk aversion are among the forces that are fuelling the price of silver. They are also the same factors that contribute to the growth off gold prices in the world market. After you decide to invest in silver you will be assured of great profits in 2015.

  1. Natural Gas

It is advisable for you to invest in natural gas in the year 2015. This is due to factors such as increasing demand for the gas. There are many people worldwide who are turning to it as a source of fuel. The drilling process of the natural gas also takes time before the gas can be brought to the market. After you invest in the sector you will be assured of great returns before the market can be flooded with the commodity. For you to be assured of great returns you should invest in different stages of natural gas investments from drilling to the retail sector.

  1. Copper

For the coming years there is a predicted price hike in the commodity. Copper which is an industrial metal is expected to increase in prices due to the great demand in the industrial sector. The supply of the metal is also low. Copper is used in many applications in the industrial sector such as in manufacturing copper pipes and parts of electronics. After you invest in copper you will be assured of great returns in the coming years, for example after you decide on copper as the best commodities to invest in 2015, you will be assured of great profits years to come due to the possibility of the price of copper going up.

  1. Nickel

Although nickel supply in the market remains high, it is expected that the price of nickel will increase from the year 2015. Nickel has many industrial uses which make its demand high in the world market. After you decide to buy the metal as one of your commodity to invest in, you will be assured of great returns.

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